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If you go down to the woods today... pack a 'Bobo Bear' t-shirt! 🐻

On New Year’s Day we caught up with Bobo-Bear for a cosy fireside chat about his artwork, his brand and how he’s found himself at the heart of bear culture.

Thanks to instagrammers: @omar.oc @gianpaolo_b @ibra.yas @dcaven @amadeobarcelona for the photographs of themselves wearing Bobo-Bear t-shirts. And also a massive thanks to @antonjgt_ for the beautiful pink collage artwork.

If you want to listen to the full interview, you can listen to our first podcast following the link. To stay in touch with future podcasts we may release in the future, have a look at our Podcast page on ways to subscribe using your favourite podcast provider.

T-shirts, posters, cushions, mugs and much more available at - and from the following authorised retailers:

LONDON, BRIGHTON: Prowler MANCHESTER: Clonezone Manchester BIRMINGHAM: Clonezone Birmingham PARIS: IEM Paris LYON: DOGklub SITGES: Backo Sitges + Prowler Bristol MADRID: DirtypopMadrid BRUSSELS: ADDIKT 100% pure fetish AMSTERDAM: The Web Amsterdam BERLIN: + Kuckuck (Motzstr.) HAMBURG: Brunos MUNICH: Brunos + Spexter COLOGNE: Brunos LISBON: Shelter Bar Lisboa GRAN CANARIA: MAUU Fashion Store LA, PALM SPRINGS: Rough Trade


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