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bunk. is currently developing a policy for the way we handle and repost ‘user generated content’ – this content being your artwork and the way we share it.


We would just like to ask your permission to post work that you may publicly feature on your social media channels. By agreeing, this does not mean you are giving us any rights, or anything official – just simply that we can share and credit your work to support you.


It’s likely that we’ve already reposted your work before, and we may have talked, and we know you are okay with it. It’s social media after all. It’s all about resharing and showing love. 


Everything we post is still owned and credited to the artists. bunk. just acts as a curator. Here’s a rundown of how we use ‘user generated content’ or artwork:


  1. We actively search through hundreds of images and artists every single week

  2. We then produce a fun, interesting and diverse selection of art to show

  3. If your artwork is featured, you will be credited and a link to your profile given

  4. Our selections appear across all our social media channels and appear as a blog post on our website. All artist are credited and linked. 


It’s a simple process really, but because of the quantity of art and artists, it’s also sometimes quite complex. it’s impossible for us to ask permission every single time. To meet this end, we will be messaging all artists we have previously had contact with, or shared, to ask for general permission.


If you’ve been following us over the past few months, you are probably already familiar with the type of work bunk share and what we are all about. If you don’t know however, here’s a copy of our rationale:


bunk. is a platform that showcases homoerotic and queer artwork, illustrations, animation, comics, manga, games and much more. 


bunk. generates its own original content and projects, celebrating the creativity and diversity of gay and queer artists. 


bunk will work to showcase and archive the work of artists sharing their work, the main goal is to support, build and foster this exciting and evolving community. 


bunk. aims to curate the sharing of gay art and media and highlight its cultural and artistic importance.


bunk. is a passion project, not a business. No money is being made.

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